Why it’s profitable to be an agent

BECOME AN AGENT Why it’s profitable to be an agent A betting broker can earn around the clock

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Why it’s profitable to be an agent

A betting broker can earn around the clock

The only thing you need to make money is a smartphone. Then, you can work wherever and whenever you want!

This is a chance to open a business without investment

Agents don’t invest their money in a business; they just act as intermediaries, helping others and getting their commission.

Work is completely safe

The agent network is built in such a way that the work of agents is absolutely anonymous in terms of transactions, which means it is safe and protected from financial risks.

1xBet is one of the leading bookmakers in the world

A wide selection of markets ensures that players always have something to bet on. This means that the agent will be able to provide themself with a decent income.

Important facts for those who want to become a 1xBet agents

1.Agents can be adults who want to gain a source of stable income, working with a reliable partner.

2.All that’s needed is a desire to make money as a betting agent and, of course, a gadget that would allow you to be always in touch.

3.Working as a betting broker can be considered additional or the main source of income. Each 1xBet partner decides their own level of involvement.

4.How much can an agent earn? Well, that mainly depends on the individual agent. But, of course, a lot also hinges on the country in which the agent works: it is clear that the level of economic well-being is different everywhere. But many examples show that agents can provide themselves with more than decent income no matter their location.

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What you need to work as a 1xBet agent

Go through verification and get the status of an agent

This is necessary for the 1xBet bookmaker to provide the most effective cooperation with each agent, avoiding the crossing of work zones.

Log in to 1xBet and make a deposit to your account

Your personal manager will create a special agent account for you at 1xBet. You will be able to make deposits to it, which will be used to fund other player’s accounts.

Install the agent application

The manager will send you a download link

Make contact with the player

The player himself must have a game account on 1xBet (or create one after the start of cooperation) – further transactions will technically appear as a transfer of money from one 1xBet user to another.

Fund the player’s account without delay

1xBet grants you the exclusive right to fund your gaming accounts as soon as possible. Transfer funds to players from your agent account using previously made deposits.

Get your commission – 2-5% for deposits and 2% for withdrawals.

The final percentage and amount of your online earnings will depend on geolocation and other parameters. You will find out the exact commission after filling in all the data about yourself and obtaining the agent status of a 1xBet partner.

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