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Joining the 1xBet affiliate program gives you access to one of the most innovative platforms in the industry, together with providing exclusive perks

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Achievements that Inspire Success

An innovative approach combined with a philosophy of putting customers and partners first has brought 1xBet’s not only great success, but also numerous prestigious international awards in the iGaming industry:

– SBC Awards 2018 – “Rising Star in Sports Betting Innovation”
– SBC Awards 2019 – “Best Affiliate Product Innovation”
– G2E Asia @ the Philippines – “Best Software and Mobile Application”
– International Gaming Awards 2020 – “Sports Betting Platform of the Year”

You have the proof that the 1xBet Partners affiliate program is the right partner to take your affiliate business to the next level. So check out the official website and put all these claims to the test – then you’ll find that you’re in the company of a world-class affiliate program.

Take Full Advantage of Weekly Automated Payments

Joining the 1xBet affiliate program gives you access to one of the most innovative platforms in the industry, together with providing exclusive perks. These include a high conversion rate generated by the cutting-edge 1xBet betting platform, and the possibility to start with a 40% lifetime commission per player. And of course, the much sought after weekly automated payments.

Those experienced in the world of iGaming affiliate marketing know that it’s very tough to find automatic weekly payments. At 1xBet Partners, once you activate this option on your account. you’ll get your corresponding commission every week. This service is excellent for a business that is just making its first steps into the affiliate marketing landscape. The team at 1xBet Partners believes that enabling partners to receive their profits in shorter intervals can bring significant benefits.

1xBet Affiliate Program

Of course, if the partners decide instead that monthly payments fit their business structure best, the payment interval can be easily amended. At 1xBet Partners, it’s all about flexibility and ensuring that every partner gets the custom-tailored experience they need to take their business to the next level.

Whether you choose to go with the weekly or monthly automated payment system, you can always be sure that the agreed commission is applied to all 1xBet products. So you have more chances of taking full advantage of the high conversion rate and of boosting your profits.

Personal Assistance and Custom-Tailored Solutions for All Partners

In the iGaming affiliate marketing industry, the “one size fits all” approach never delivers optimum results. So, 1xBet Partners rather focuses on creating an extremely flexible affiliate platform that can fit the style of varied partners from all around the globe.

Every business needs to develop its style to stand out of the crowd and reach success. 1xBet Partners fully understands that and aims to offer the right type of help for partners, starting with understanding their business model and delivering a customized set of marketing materials.

The tailor-made experience you get at 1xBet Partners is assured by developing unique offers that can have a better appeal towards your specific audience. Enhancing this is a complete dashboard which gives you all the needed resources and statistics, together with personal assistance you can always count on.

If you can’t create the needed banner or affiliate link from your dashboard, simply contact the assigned personal support assistant. 1xBet Partner’s support representatives will do everything possible to give you the helping hand you need.

1xBet Affiliate partnerships

Improve All Your KPIs with 1xBet’s Outstanding Brand Reputation

1xBet Partners believes that choosing the right partner is the key to achieving success, especially within the iGaming affiliate marketing industry. Promoting a brand that already has an outstanding reputation will simplify getting the wanted conversion rates and revenue.

In fact, 1xBet and its official affiliate program have proven that these types of powerful partnerships work. Through a series of strategic partnerships, both have managed to position themselves as globally-recognized brands. Partnerships with top football clubs like FC Barcelona and leagues such as Serie A, La Liga and the Brazilian Serie A are such examples.

In the spirit of innovation, 1xBet has also partnered with some of the most successful eSports teams in the world such as NAVI, Cascade eSports and HellRaisers. Quality partners joining forces can achieve great things.

By joining the 1xBet Partners affiliate program, you get the guarantee that you’re partnering with a reliable brand that has a strong presence in the most competitive iGaming markets. And each partner has also contributed to building the trusted brand that 1xBet is today. This sterling reputation of 1xBet will not only help you increase conversion rates, but will also act as another seal of quality for your business.


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