How To Create Affiliate Link

An Affiliate link is a link that redirects traffic like registrations, deposits, click, profits etc. to your program.

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How To Create 1xbet Affiliate Link

An Affiliate link is a link that redirects traffic like registrations, deposits, click, profits etc. to your program.

In order to create one, Log into your profile and click on “Affiliate links”.

It immediately opens a window showing:

  • Site (which is the link your profile link or website link you used during registration)
  • Currency (it is always in dollars)
  • Campaign (Nigeria)
  • Landing page (“/en” this is to make sure the link leads to an English page)
  • SubID (leave it vacant)

Next, click the generate button and a link will be generated.

You can share this link anywhere you want and it will redirect the player to your affiliate account.

1XBET grants players 100% – 200% bonus on first deposit if the player clicks and registers through your affiliate link.

1xbet  Promo Code

Promo codes are also linked to your account, so you can also share your promo code to players to use during registration. Your promo codes gives players bonuses on their first deposit.

To create a code, you need to click on the promo code option and he or she will find Facebook or website link in “1”, then click on the generate promo code button.

1xbet Promo Materials

Promo materials are banners used by partners which comes in different languages, posters, and pictures.

1xbet-Nigeria Partners can get banners by clicking on promo materials and then choose their preferred language and click on search. The system will show you available posters and banners which you can download at anytime.

Become betting affiliate with 1xBet and how to earn

1xbet  Reports – Summary

In reports you can monitor your players results, registrations, deposits etc.

Summary shows the amount of registration, deposits, new registered clients, players who play under you, profit, people who clicked your link.

1xbet Full Reports

This shows a condensed report of your website or Facebook link, or whatever platform you are working with.

1xbet Report – Promo Materials

This shows the report of each promo material.

Every promo material has a tag on it called Media ID, here one can see the promo ID that was clicked or the banner that introduced the player to 1xbet.

1xbet Report – Player

This report shows the amount of players who have registered and are “active players”. Active players is a term used for players who are currently playing with 1XBET for that period of time selected and are registered under you.

1xbet Sub Affiliates

This is an additional service given to effective partners. Effective partners are partners who in a period of time showed positive results. This service enables partners to be able to monitor their activities, the amount of profits that they get daily, number of registrations, new deposits and so on.

1xbet  Withdrawal

If any affiliate partner’s money is up to $30 at the end of the week the money is moved to his player account from which he can withdraw to his Nigerian bank. Withdrawal is instant.


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