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1xBet affiliate never ceases to disappoint us when it comes to new things they have to offer.

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If you want to register for the 1xBet affiliate program you can do that if you go to and click on ‘Registration’. It goes without saying that you need to fill all the fields and once you are done just wait for the confirmation email.

The affiliate program works the same way for every casino. You need to invite your friends and once they register and start placing real money bets you will receive your award.

Poker affiliate

1xBet affiliate never ceases to disappoint us when it comes to new things they have to offer.

This company is constantly developing and they are trying to keep their clients interested for as long as they can. The latest thing they have to offer is a special poker affiliate 1xBet program.

Everyone can participate in this program as long as they follow these simple steps to register:

  • Complete the registration
  • Receive a personalized link
  • Start promoting
  • Add content to make your links more valuable

The conditions under which poker affiliate works are very clear. Every time you fetch a new customer you will receive 40% of their monthly expenses on betting.

It does not require any certain training to become a participant in this program. You can use your imagination and try to be as creative as possible to attract new customers. On the other hand, if you want you can get professional help as well.

There are specialists that work at 1xBet casino that will gladly share information or two with you that will later help you to promote links.

How to become a affiliate partner to 1xBet?

How do I sign up at 1xBet Affiliate Program?

There are a couple of ways you can invite people to place bets. You can copy your personal link and share it directly with your friends or you can share it using your social media. You can also place banners on your website or your blog.

In order to track your user’s actions, you need to create a partner’s link. You need your 1xBet affiliate login to your personal account and in the menu click ‘Get partner’ link’. If you wish to drive traffic to a particular section rather than the main page you need to fill in the ‘Landing Page’.

When you want to generate links to different ads on the same website you can use the ‘SubID’.

How to make an 1xBet affiliate withdrawal?

Before you proceed you need to check your account and see whether you have enough funds to make a withdrawal.

If this is your first withdrawal then you need to contact the manager and they will assist you through the process and what is left for you is to wait for your funds to arrive into your payment account.

After this first withdrawal, all your weekly payments will be transferred to your account automatically. It goes without saying that all your personal information should be correct in case there are some issues so the support team can contact you.

Traffic sources to advertise your product:

  • You can create your own website
  • You can use your personal social media or a blog
  • You can mail promotions directly to your users
  • You can use banners
  • You can create videos
  • You can use forums
Become A 1xbet Agent Tips On How To Turn Into A Betting Agent

How much can you make joining 1xBet affiliate program?

You are probably wondering now how much exactly can you make using affiliate links? Well, the answer is not very straight forward here, since the earnings are not fixed. It all depends on the revenue generated by the person who has registered by following your affiliate link.

You will receive your money every week on Tuesday. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $30, and if you don’t have enough funds for the week, that amount will be transferred to the next week’s period. In case of technical failures, your payment can be delayed up to 2 months.

What is the name of 1xBet affiliate program?

The casino affiliate is called 1xPartners


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