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1xBet Partners Program is a great offer for users to earn money by referring and bringing in more and more users. You will get a lifetime commission for attracting users.

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How to Start with 1xpartners?

Becoming a member of the 1xbet partnership program is easy, quick and legal.

Follow these steps to register for 1xBet partnership easily:

  • Open the official website;
  • Read the 1xbet affiliate terms and rules. Take a look at the website to know about the program, the various benefits you can get, how the thing works, and all rules and regulations;
  • Click on the Registration button to start the signup process;
  • Fill in personal info;
  • Create a strong password;
  • Add contacts details: full name, country, and mobile number in the respective fields;
  • Choose banking methods;
  • Accept privacy policy;
  • Hit the Sign Up to complete registration.

Once you do all this, you need to wait for at least 2 days, during which the moderator reviews your application and accepts it. You will receive an email if your request is accepted and will get access to the 1xbet partner admin dashboard with all data, advertisement stuff, affiliate link, stats.

Benefits for 1xBet Partners

You may wonder that you can earn money through winning your bets, and there is no need to register for the affiliate program. But when you become a 1xBet partner, there is no limit to the earnings you can make.

Requirements & Rules

  • You should have a valid and active betting account at 1xBet to register for the partnership;
  • Use an existing one or make a new website to place your affiliate link and advertise for 1xBet;
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed for a single person, and the company can cancel your partnership anytime if you break the rules or in case of suspicious activity;
  • From the Admin Dashboard, you will get the link and many other promo materials, banners, and advertisement ideas for your website.
Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program 1x

It’s great that you can make unimaginable amounts of money through the 1xBet affiliate program. When you register for the program via our webiste, you will get an increased revenue share percentage of 25-30%, comparing to the standard deal of 20%. See the various benefits you can get through the program and what to do when you become a partner of 1xBet in India.

SBC Awards gave the Most Innovative Affiliate Program award to 1xbet partners. Read further to know why.

How 1xBet Affiliate Works?

You need to have a site where you can keep sports and betting-related content to attract traffic. Your website will have your exclusive affiliate link, which will redirect users to the official 1xBet site. When users sign up and make their first deposit, you will receive a share from this.

Also, as users play online casino and make money for the company, you will keep receiving your commission as 1xbet partner forever.

How to Withdraw Money?

Withdrawing money from a 1xbet affiliate account is quick and easy thanks to the fast payment system with convenient banking methods. The main payment methods that are available for 1xbet partners program to receive shares are:

  • Bank Transfer;
  • Neteller;
  • Webmoney.

Pros & Cons of 1xBet Affiliate Program

1xBet Partners Program is a great offer for users to earn money by referring and bringing in more and more users. You will get a lifetime commission for attracting users. When they deposit money and gamble at 1xBet site or app, you will receive a share of the company’s profit.


Where to Get Promo Material and Referral Link?

Once you are registered for the 1xbet affiliate program, you will get access to an exclusive Admin Dashboard that has everything you need. You will get the exclusive 1xbet affiliate link here to put on your website and for potential users to click on it.

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The dashboard has many banners, advertisement and promotion materials that you can use directly or take inspiration from to advertise at your website and generate more traffic. You will even find tools that show all stats like total clicks on your link, active users, money spent by your users, your share of the commission, etc.

Do I have to pay for membership in the 1xbet affiliates?

No, you do not need to pay anything to become a member of 1xBet Affiliate partnership as it is free.

How much can I earn as a 1xBet partner?

There is no limit to your earnings when you become a 1xbet partner. You will receive a 20% to 25% when a user registers through your link and makes the deposit. You will get money for life as your users bring in more profit for 1xBet.

Can I become an affiliate if I don’t have my own website?

Yes, you don’t need your own website, and you can promote the company and your link on YouTube, social media, WhatsApp, etc.

Can I promote 1xBet on more than one of my sites?

Yes, you can promote 1xBet and your link on as many websites as you want to.


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